How To Keep Your House Smelling Good

Have you experienced how your house smells? Hmm, how about from a long vacation and you went home, how does it smell? That’s your house smell! To some their homes smell good while to some, it’s awful. Worry no more, we will share with you tips on how to always make your homes smell good.


When the weather is fine and good, open your windows to allow air circulation within your homes, this is one of the best and easiest tip we can share with you.


Garbage inside your house may be a factor in having a stinky home. Therefore, always secure your garbage and spray lemon water or disinfecting spray to keep it clean and smell-free.


Scented candles are tricky, it can be a good help or a disaster. Scents must be gentle and not too overpowering. If the scent is too strong, it might affect you or even your guests. So choose a gentle yet refreshing scent.


Like scented candles, Essential oils can be crucial too, but Essential oils will take effect longer than scented candles because of its oil component. Your home’s HVAC systems will push the scent throughout the house and make everything smell great, plus essential oils are said to have natural wonders in healing. Lemon or lavender will freshen your whole home plus provide benefits such as relaxation and cleansing qualities.


Plants at home may be aesthetic but behind it is a decorative piece, plants are dual-purpose, they also purify the air inside your house and some emits oxygen which is beneficial to you and everyone in the house.

A good smelling house is inviting and good to be in, with the tips we have shared on this blog, we hope that you will keep your homes clean and smelling good! Have a home where people would love to stay and visit.