The Revamped Camden, New Jersey

History, tons of them are found in Camden. This history-rich city is waiting to be explored. If you plan to visit this city, you can experience all of it. It is situated southwest area of New Jersey along the Delaware River with the big metropolitan city of Philadelphia on the other side of the river.  

Camden rose above the difficulties the city had faced in the past. Camden’s story proves that it’s not really how you fall but it’s how you rise up. This year Camden saw its fair share of ribbon cuttings and steel toppings. Let’s see how is Camden now that it’s undergoing it’s revamping phase.


Employment has been increasing success rates over the years, it has raised up to 24.7%. 55.4% of it is from the education and health and care sectors. It’s exciting to see the city’s continuous growth and revitalization take place.

Crime Rate

Known as the country’s most unsafe city before but not anymore! None of us could have foreseen the pace of this city’s progress. Camden is no longer the nation’s most violent city. Crime has dropped a remarkable 59 percent since the county police department was established. The notable improvement in public safety has allowed residents to reclaim their neighborhoods and to feel safer and more secure in their own “Camden”.


Ten schools are either being built or renovated, replacing old weak schools. Graduation rates have risen, as dropout rates have crashed. For the first time, competition among public, charter and renaissance schools has raised the quality of education and given parents a meaningful voice in determining the appropriate schooling environment for their children.

Investment Sector

The striking changes taking place in the city have created a perfect season for targeted capital investments reaching almost $3 billion. Billions have been invested in parks, infrastructure, schools and projects including the development of the world-renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper. In addition, 31 companies have already or are about to invest more than $1.3 billion in private capital in the city.

Citizen’s Welfare

Factors that are crucial in Camden are Families, Education and Safety. Families wanted to rear up their children in safe and secure neighborhoods and that businesses wanted to start up to a city with a strong public safety infrastructure; that improving education and job training was the primary key to keeping families in Camden, and that job growth couldn’t occur gradually.

The journey of making Camden great is definitely on its way. Camden is definitely a better place to live and work. The renaissance that Camden is currently experiencing is necessary and must not stop.