Do You Need a Home Warranty If You Have Home Insurance?

A home warranty is offered usually when buying a house, however, home warranties and insurance are both capable of providing coverage when emergencies arise, they are totally two different things even if they are both advantageous.

Home Warranty

This is meant to cover aspects of your house to support you financially in case you need to make repairs for the house, this also serves a replacement for key items in your house. This can be a big help when your budget is really tight and you suddenly needed funds to repair specific things for your home.

Pros and Cons of a Home Warranty

Here are the benefits and the downsides of Home warranty:


  • Makes you feel at ease
  • Repair costs will be less when there are unexpected home issues
  • Discounts on certain repairs
  • Good for first-time homeowners who don’t have any ideas on home costs
  • Protection for appliances as they age


  • Doesn’t cover everything
  • It requires you to pay a premium every year even if you might not use it.
  • Does not apply to unmaintained appliances
  • Does not apply to disasters such as fires or flood

Best Home Warranty

Every home has a suited home warranty depending on a certain home’s needs. Therefore, the best home warranty would be the one that will truly be after your home’s protection.

Home Warranty vs Home Insurance

Home warranties and home insurance both for unprecedented events. The difference is that in your homeowner policy, there are prohibitions about a regular mechanical breakdown.

A home warranty is designed to cover numerous things that are not typically covered by home insurance which is what makes it appealing to many homebuyers.

Can You Get a Home Warranty for a Condo?

Definitely, a condo owner sure can get a home warranty, A home warranty may be a very useful item for homeowners and condo owners are the same.

Can You Buy Home Warranty Coverage From Your Home Insurance Company?

A home warranty coverage may not be a part of your standard coverage, your home insurance agent or broker can give you offers. Since property warranties are in demand, it can be offered to you as a package. Just wee to it that, you should know and understand its coverage.

Buy Your Home Warranty and Home Insurance From the Same Place?

This will be a good idea if you are offered by the home agent since this will be saving you money and time in case of trouble.

What Is Covered By a Home Warranty?

Wondering what will warranty help you save? Here are some of it:

  • Plumbing
  • Garbage disposals
  • Ceiling fans 
  • Bathtubs with motors
  • Jacuzzis, pools, and spas
  • Electrical wiring and infrastructure
  • Appliances like refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves, and dishwashers
  • HVAC systems
  • Contractor or repair services by professionals like plumbers and electricians
  • Central vacuums

What Are the Different Options When Choosing a Home Warranty

It will depend on the offer, so, be careful and always ask about it but here the some of the common options offered:

  • Plans that cover appliances only
  • Plans that cover appliances and systems
  • Add-ons for appliance or systems that can include swimming pools, whirlpools, saunas, spas, etc.
  • Plans that cover the systems in your home, like the central vacuum, HVAC

Commonly Asked Questions About a Home Warranty Before Buying

  • Limitations of each coverage, exclusions, and payables outside the coverage.
  • The deductibles.
  • Professional fees to the service providers for the assessments.
  • Can you choose and assign people you trust for the services or they are going to provide it?
  • Process of claiming and how will they pay you?
  • Waiting period if there is.
  • What kinds of damage are not included? Ask for examples to make sure you understand the range of coverage. Many situations can be tricky and have restrictions or limitations, in particular with electrical and plumbing, how they interpret pre-existing conditions will be important.
  • What and how many service calls will be covered.

Asking all the possible questions will totally help you decide on what warranty would fit best for you. By doing this, it will add more knowledge and you may plan ahead on what to prepare and for the future needs that your warranty won’t cover.

Can You Get a Home Warranty for Free?

Perks of purchasing homes, warranties are sometimes included and offered by some agents, they have it for a one-year free trial but it may only have basic coverage.

Buying a Home Warranty When You Are Selling Your Home

This may be offered by a home agent, This can be very good on for the seller’s side or the real estate agent who is trying to sell the home because it adds an extra layer of security and confidence for potential buyers. This is why you may see a home being sold with a home warranty included in the deal.

Do Home Warranties Have Deductibles?

Yes! This will also help you save money, you can choose to take a higher deductible on your home warranty service contract in order to pay a lower annual fee.

Example of a Claim: Home Warranty vs. Home Insurance

Your dishwasher breaks down and is leaking water all over the floor and through the ceiling of your basement soaking the walls and damaging furniture and floors. Everything has to be torn out and changed. Your home insurance may have coverage for the water damage, but will not cover the replacement of the cause of the damage which is the dishwasher. Imagine if the cause of damaged is a worn-down part of the appliance, and requires replacing parts in the dishwasher. Your home warranty might cover this, and your home insurance policy could cover the rest of the mess.

Example of Home Warranty Paying Where Home Insurance Will Not

A home inspection and cost evaluation for a home renovation by your home insurance company, and they discover that a flickering light might mean the wiring needs work. Since there have been no accidents, the home insurance policy will not pay for repairs or regular maintenance.

You contact your home warranty company, and they send a professional to take a look at it because you took a good servicing contract with many add-ons and coverage for the wiring, they determine the source of the issue and what needs to be done and cover the needed repairs.